Adventures of PoopCat, episode 2

Here we go again. Yet another post about how bad Mickey is…at least this cat keeps me flush in blog material?  That and bleach… 

Here I go to ruin everyone’s day!

So for those of you that are new and don’t know Mickey this is all you need to remember:  He’s a 6 year old cat with major intestinal issues, light brain damage and requires some TLC on his anal glands every 6 months (but really who doesn’t) or it launches him into a fit of hysteria where he drags his butt everywhere and poops all over the place.  He doesn’t do it because he’s a jerk. He does it because it’s so uncomfortable for him.  That and he wants to make us pay for bringing a baby into his perfect world.  So yeah he’s an a-hole. 

After our fun filled day at the vet last time I was SO looking forward to this installement of  “Milk Mickey’s butt.”  Honestly, I was expectig the nurse on the phone to say “ooo yeah sorry, he’s the devil and we don’t treat devils here. please take your satanic cat elsewhere. Try wal-mart.”  But she didn’t.  She said to drop him off early Monday morning as to allow enough time for sedation if necessary.  I told her to trust a sister…he would need sedation.  She didn’t believe me… I get a call around 3 pm that day saying that he’s ready.  Her tone is not as bubbly as before.  I ask if he was terrible, she says YES.  “He was awful.  He peed and pooped all over himself and 3 nurses.  We had to give him a bath and then go home to shower ourselves.”  When we picked him up, with our faces covered in paper bags, the other nurse (who was a giant man) confirmed that he was in fact evil AND that he had grown immune to the traditional cat sedative so they had to triple dose him.  I suggested next time they just leave him in the carrier and use a blow dart gun. 

We brought him home and naturally Emma immediatly began to snarl and growl at him since she smelled the vet’s office on him.  We spent the night getting woken up by cats fighting and hissing.  It was delightful. So this brings me to my next point: CAT FOR SALE!!! Nay, CAT FOR FREEEEE!!!!

3 thoughts on “Adventures of PoopCat, episode 2

  1. Nan

    …I find the story absolutely delightful. Go Micky Go.
    Here is an idea why not send the cat to its name sake
    Getting real:
    Since I do not like cats, period, my suggestion would be to send it to a better place Cat Heaven Lv

  2. Frederic

    Since Petit Filou most likely was violently introduced to the principles of the food chain, we are minus one cat in TX and I will be happy to adopt that disgrace of a cat!

    1. raphaelle

      I will wrap him up for you. His butt is freshly squeezed so he should last another 6 months or so…..


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