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Birth Story Part Deux

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…So we had just been told the doctor would be called in because little baby flabourg was ready to make his grand entrance into the world.  My doctor was on vacation that week so his on call doctor, a very sweet lady, took his place to “catch.”  After they examined me once again and told me it was time to start pushing!

45 minutes later this is what we saw:

So happy!

Ok so part 2 wasn’t as detailed…because it was pretty short!  About 8 series of pushes/contractions and he was out.  We filmed the whole thing but that video is a little too racy for this blog :)  Too bad you can’t see my face…it was just pure shock by how BIG he was!  8lbs 13oz and 21.5 inches long!!   The first thing I said when they put him on my chest was “oh my god I can’t believe that was inside me!”  At least it lightened the mood!  Oh, and I only cussed once 😉

Elise cut the cord when he was still attached and then Adam got the second snip.

so careful...

My mom and Elise were there too and got to hold him once he was examined and all wrapped up.  Then he came back to me where I learned how to feed him. Lucky for us, he was a natural!

So proud!!

After about an hour or so of getting cleaned up and whatnot we got moved to our recovery room where we would spend the next two days getting to know our little man.

me about an hour later...why do I always ruin photos?

smells so good!!!

The next few days were nice…Our friends came by to see him and brought me sushi (awesome friends)…the nurses showed us the basics of infant care and I got to order whatever food I wanted each day. I mostly ate oatmeal…no idea why i wanted it so bad! Gotta say the food an Missouri Baptist Hospital was actually kind of good…

Then two days later on 7/21 we headed home!

Adam in his dad hat...but he forgot his dad mustaches!

Birth Story Part 1

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*So I wish I could blame das bebe for my lack of postings…but unlike blaming stuff on a fetus, blaming your own ineptitude on a real live human being who happens to be adorable just feels douchey.  I really have no excuse for being more than a week late on writing the birth story.  Olivier is such a good baby, he never cries he just grunts when he’s hungry.  He lets me sleep in 3 hour increments uninterrupted, took to breastfeeding really well and really quickly, loves being bathed and changed/dressed, and basically is just a kick ass rock star baby all around.  But, better late than never! So here goes…


7/19 8am: I hear a “pop!”  that slightly resembles the sound your TiVo makes when you push the buttons. You know, that “bloop!” noise.   It was loud enough to wake me up but you know me…I shook it off and just kept sleeping even though something was clearly going on below the belt.  Meh, I thought, “probably just peed myself. Whatevs. Back to sleep I go.”  Then, some slight cramping that was annoying enough to make me get up and investigate.  I had always wanted my water to break dramatically in a public place but I settled for a less climactic  version of this scenario at home while my mom and sis slept.  Adam had just gone to work so I was left on my own, sitting on my “white throne” thinking wow did I have to pee…but the pee just kept coming!!  That’s when it hit me and a gigantic smile washed over my face.  I should be fat no more!!!  Then, slight panic.  I looked down and saw the water itself was not clear but contained brown specks.  Well shit. The baby took a crap.  Crap crap crap, shit shit shit. I had read this could be potentially dangerous for the baby if he aspirated it but after calming myself down, I went to wake my mom up.  All nonchalantly I slid the door back and was like, “yo ma, my water broke. And there’s baby poop in it.”  She just peeled back the covers and said ok.

I waited for my doctor’s office to open at 9am (lazy bums) since labor and delivery wasn’t picking up the phone.  I ate breakfast, took a shower and got my stuff ready just in case.  I called Adam who made me assure him my water had indeed broke (like I could mistake it for something else…jackass). Luckily, he was working on site at a client who was a couple miles from the hospital so I told him to just stay there while I figured my shit out.   Doc’s office said since my water had broken and since there was meconium in it that I shouldn’t wait too long before going in.  I gotta say, I was disappointed. I wanted to stay at home for as long as possible.  But lucky for me, the contractions started getting really close together and more and more intense.  So we hopped in the car around 10am and I continued to time my contractions via ipad app, which by now were 3min apart.

Before things started gettin' real...all fun and games here!

mmmmmm popsicles...a must have during labor

We got to the hospital, parked El Prius, and went to check in.  Being smart, I had preregistered so thankfully that didn’t take too long.  My nurse Michelle got me prepped, took my vitals, gave me a very thorough exam and told me I was already at 5cm.  Say what?!  Great news!   She offered me pain medication that I promptly refused…after all, I wanted to try for as long as I could without it.  It’s why I spent months reading about hypnobirthing!  Couldn’t let all that go to waste now could I?

After my last exam where they told me I was 10cm...doesn't his face make you want to punch him?

Once I was set up on the wireless portable monitors, I was able to move around through my labor, go in the shower (HUGE help) and sit in my very own blow up birthing pool…which is now in my storage closet for future use by the way.  The pool was by far the best money I could have spent in this whole experience.  The warmth of the water and the feeling of weightlessness took away a lot of that “pressure” discomfort.  I was only in there for about an hour, apparently during the last stage of active labor called Transition.  It was hard, not going to lie.  All I wanted to do was push push push but the nurse told me to hold on for a few more contractions. So I did…then I hopped out, and she told me I was only minutes away from having my baby!

so serene...too bad you couldn't hear the chanting (no I'm not joking, that shit helps)

To be continued….