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Problem: Forgot to renew Flabourg.Org’s database hosting account back in December 2012 and LOST EVERYTHING. (Never backed up)
Solution: Months later and more $$$ to Godaddy to try and find the database we have flabourg.org back up!

Expect some cool things coming up!


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Has it really been almost a MONTH since I’ve blogged?  I’ve reached a new level of laziness and/or busyness and/or netflix obsessiveness.  So to get back into the blogging swing of things, I’ll catch you up on the last month in one tidy post. 

1. Olivier can walk!  Well…sort of.  He can walk when he wants to.  A few weeks ago, I asked the daycare teachers if he was making any progress with walking.  They looked at me like, “what are you talking about…”  Turns out that little sneak had been strutting his stuff proudly unaided for like 2 weeks!  He was just playing us at home tricking us into thinking he was still a baby that either needed his hands held or to be picked up.  What else can this kid do on his own that he isn’t telling me about??? 

2. Adam is still wearing stupid socks

3. Being done with nursing is pretty liberating…when i was done i did a full on binge of espresso shots and being away from baby/pump machine for more than 2 hours.  Didn’t really drink all that much though…better get on that.

4. We’re going to be installing the last bit of the flooring in baby’s room–he’s the last one to get flooring. Right now he has sealed painted concrete.  It’s super cute but not very sustainable, especially since it’s white!  So I’ll do what I normally do and go away with O for the weekend while magical elves (adam) finish the floor :)

5. The Cats. Jeeeeebus those cats.  I know this sounds terrible but if I could find them good new homes i would.  They just don’t seem happy.  One is pooping on the floor regularly and the other meows at the wall for no reason.  I’m no cat whisperer but that screams unhappy kitties to me.  We keep them fed and watered and Adam gives one hell of a litter cleaning but something is just off.  O loves to chase them though!  The mere mention of the name “Emma” or “Mickey” makes him giggle.

Guess that’s it for now!  I’ve got a super funny video of O to put up…hopefully I’ll get around to it!!


Lady Socks

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This is a confession post. As in, I’m going to make a shameful secret public for all the internets to see. Here goes..

 My own husband, the father of my child, the massager of feet and scooper of all cat poop wears lady socks. What do I mean “lady socks”?  They’re more like black ballerina/o shoes but made from sock material. Better yet, take a look for yourself.


I know what you’re thinking…those slender feet cannot possibly belong to a man. I assure you they do. Look at the veiny and hairy proof. 

oh jesus, no matter the angle it’s always worse

He says he only wears them with his “boat shoes” so you can’t see his socks and he won’t get blisters.  First off, we are not yacht owners (yet) so I don’t see him doing much boating in the middle of Missouri. Secondly, he doesn’t shop at J Crew nor does he own a pair of colorful shorts with whales on them so I have my doubts about the existence of these “boat shoes.”  Thirdly…dude you look like a ballerina!!! I steal those socks from you because I think they’re MINE.  This is your cue to stop wearing dainty socks and learn to live with blisters or callous up already!  I’m calling a cease-ladysock. (It’s like a cease fire but less political and not an actual real thing).

So, now you know my terrible secret.  I’ve been living with this shame for a whole 3 weeks now.  I know this post won’t make Adam stop wearing them–they guy could care less and would probably wear lady’s underwear if it was more comfy for him.  I have to admit, it takes one secure mofo to rock those socks…


Oh Hi internet

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Yes, I’m alive…just enjoying laziness lately with blogging.  Did you know you can actually get laundry done or even eat OR watch an entire season of Breaking Bad if you’re not blogging?  I know!  It’s nuts.

I do have cool posts locked up in my brain that I just need to write out.  I bet right now you’re saying “but you’re typing this BS so why don’t you just write the other posts?”  To that I say shut it.  The other posts require pictures and grammar and that involves more time.  They’re about Adam’s lady socks and O’s first birthday party. See? Wouldn’t you rather I take the time to publicly humilate my husband and gloat about my baby’s mustach bash? Exactly.

SO until now, please enjoy this photo of the coolest baby in town.

check me out ladies


This is a PSA I could get down with….

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My darling sister sent me this video last night. Watch your back Elmo, here comes Oregon!  With your outdoorsiness, senior citizens and tech companies I never dreamed a state so white could conceptualize such an amazing PSA that motivated ME to floss my teeth (which is a feat, trust me I loathe flossing).   You captured the true urban essence of oral hygeine in one neat well produced video that all children can relate to…because all children love rap music. Especially those from Oregon that don’t quite pick up on the racial inequality undertones.  Rap has a lot of subtle nuances.  Like when a guy says “G’s up, ho’s down” he’s really talking about day to day struggles of working class women. I think.

All I know is that I will def be teaching O how to brush his teeth with this video.  Hell, I’ll just straight up rap it for him every night, put my fake grill and chains on and all.  Do you know a pawn shop that would melt some gold to make me this chain?